Robinette Legal Group PLLC

Legal Malpractice Representation Client Testimonials

 "We are very satisfied with the settlement.  We're just very satisfied with what you have done for us, as far as getting
this settlement taken care of.  And we would recommend, I would highly recommend you and this firm to
anybody that we talk to." Mr. V.


"At all times, Mr. Robinette gave us council, options, followed by wise recommendations as to the best course of action. Mr. Jeff Robinette brought our situation to a most successful conclusion. We could not have had an attorney to represent us in a more professional, helpful, caring manner."  Mr. J.

Client Testimonial from a client whose medical malpractice claim spiraled into a legal malpractice claim:

"I just thank God that we were able to find and were able to use you as an attorney and I have such a sense of relief. Now I can go
about getting on with my life."
 Mrs. V.